8 Fantastic Pics Which Are Absolutely Crazy

  • 3:21 pm June 13, 2018
  • vignesh

We understand that pictures are a great source of engagement more than being about entertainment. There are few which inspire us, there are which amuse us, there are few which bewilder us while there are absolute few which completely drive us crazy.

An old man having his day

We have seen many of the elderly people holding onto their swag even in their later years, this Uncle is one such example, we mean just look at his t-shirt, he has message for this detractors.

Things can't get more hilarious

The world's highest paid athlete an ace in his profession here is being taken care by his many bodyguards which is very surprising since he is the current world heavyweight champion.

Now that is some statement

We appreciate self depreciating humour and this one certainly takes the cake for being far too modest.

Look how it is explicitly mentioned that he used to be cool, woohoo that is saying something.

She oozes certain charm

When we look at her we realise how charm can be so infectious and how can one look so gorgeous and effortless all at the same time.

Iron man is at it

We have seen many strange things but this one is right up there Iron man is sharing some of his tricks with this we are not so sure whom but whatever it might be it looks funny though.

Beast is in the house

World's highest paid actor for a reason, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is literally someone who keeps pumping iron just to look in shape a which is monstrous by any stretch of imagination.

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Best way to market

We have seen many best ways to market stuff but this is something which is so in your face that it has really taken us by surprise.

We love the whole idea of being cheeky though.

No one can better that

We have seen many resting at the poolside, but no one till now has set the gaze and the look of the mood in the manner in which she has done, that is the most impressive part.