8 Super Hilarious Moments In Mannequin History Ever

  • 5:26 pm October 19, 2020
  • suhas

Life is not easy and a little bit of laugh doesn't hurt anybody. Humans will often make you laugh but let Mannequins do that job today! We have some mannequins here that will raise a lot of questions in your mind. Funny questions!

Hard Day At Work

This is all of us after a hard day at work. As soon as we enter our houses, this is our position, I kid you not!


Okay, is it just me or this is Angelina Jolie giving wedding is stressful kinda pose? Life is tough for everybody to be honest!


This Mannequin is what all the memes out there are made up of! Only if we were this enthusiastic in life.

Out Of the Box?

Whoever made this mannequin needs to come out and tell the world what exactly was he thinking? And why? just why?


Somebody out there really knows how to make a spooky mannequin. No one, absolutely no one should look at it while riding a bike to be honest. It is just not safe you se!


We had Jolie up there and now we have Obama right here. When did he decide to pose as a Mannequin?

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Red Flowers

Flowers are always great but sometimes they are just placed wrong. This is one such time to be honest!

Spirit Animal

Say what you want but this kid is my spirit animal. This is what I was at his age! Absolutely hilarious, isn't it?