8 Extremely Tired People Who Fell Asleep In Public Super Awkwardly

  • 11:30 am January 8, 2021
  • suhas

We all get tired. Life has become super fast! It is fast paced you see! So What do we do to get away with that tiredness? We sleep! But in Public? Well, these people slept in Public and they sure did that awkwardly! This is funny for sure!

In Library!

Library is a great place to be at! It is quiet, you can focus and has lovely books! But this gentleman clearly proved that it is a great place to doze off as well!

In the Train!

Say whatever you may but you lose control over your body when you sleep! there is nothing wrong in this! Only if it wasn't a subway, it'd be better!

Ohhh No!

I cannot wait to see what happens when this man wake up! It is going to be dam hilarious! Sadly. we'll never know!

Cutest Ever!

There is nothing awkward in this. We just wanted you guys to see it! This is the cutest image you will see on Internet today, we assure you that!


We would like to bow down to this invention. this is one of the best things we have seen in a long time! Look at how peaceful the sleep looks!

Do Not Roll Over!

Does he not know what is beneath him? This looks so crazy! I mean we really hope he doesn't roll over or else he'll have a terrible day!

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Unluckiest Ever

Tis man is widely regarded as the unluckiest human being ever! Would you miss a chance o be next to Mr Obama because of your sleep? of course not! nobody would!


Now this is the awkward that we mentioned in the title! We really hope both these people know each other because if they not, man they are in for a surprise when they wake up!