9 Funny Images That Remind Us Why We Should Be Glad We Aren't Having A Bad Day

  • 12:00 pm October 20, 2020
  • suhas

Having a bad day is very common. It happens with everybody. Also, it is damn annoying. Imagine having a bad day at work and then when you come back home, things going equally wrong! These hilarious images will make you thank your life for today at least not being that day!

Good old times

Maybe this is a good day for the woman but read this story for Mike's perspective! Not a very good day for him we bet?


This man has reached the level of desperation in search of real love! We wish him good luck for his future! Anybody interested though?

The best I Can!

Innocence found a new name with frank's note, how cute of him to tell lord that he has done everything possible? I would like to take this opportunity to tell god that I am also doing my best! Please take notice of it, thanks!


This is Me. I kid you not but looking at all these bad day images, I am certain that I am not alone in this struggle!

Key To Sadness!

Somebody is clearly having a terrible terrible day! Not cool!

Lead a positive life

Amidst all these negative thoughts, we inspire you to live a positive life! Stay positive and things will happen for you!

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Worst Day Ever!

What could one say when people end up having their Tinder bio's as these. Was trying to enjoy his own bad day? Maybe!

Stag entry?

This is what pubs do to stags who try to break into a party. Very bad and sad!

Diet freaks!

All the real diet freaks in the world are like this little munchkin! Others who follow the diet plans are not real freaks!