9 Biggest Makeup fails of All time!

  • 7:26 pm January 18, 2021
  • suhas

Makeup industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. People have become billionaires by dealing in makeup. But having said that, not everyone makes an optimal use of these beauty enhancing products. Sometimes, people look loud and sometimes they look too dull. Here are the worst makeup fails of all time!

A Darker Shade?

This woman's face is completely covered with a darker shade of a lot of colors! A lot of work is done on this face for sure!

Worth An Applause

this kind of makeup on public domain is definitely worth an applause! You need a lot of guts to do this and come out in public!

Pre and post

Look at the pre and post makeup image. The change in the skin tone is so much evident. People can go to crazy heights in bid of looking good!

Super Weird!

Ummm, we are short of words. We don't even know what to say anymore. This just looks super duper weird!

The Foundation Color

Whoever put this foundation color on this mans face got to be crazy! The color is completely off and looks weirdish!

Textbook fails

If this isn't a makeup fail, we really don't know what is. This is a textbook makeup fail to be honest!

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A Joke

Is this a joke? I really hope it is because if it isn't one, this is a really bad makeup!

Too Much

Calling it loud will be an understatement. We don't really know how to describe this. This is just absolutely stupid!

The Final one!

We really don't have anything to say about this and don't even think we should. We'll leave you with this one!