8 Awesome Pictures You Would Be Happy You Clicked

  • 11:37 pm June 4, 2018
  • vignesh

More often than not these days we tend to be click happy on most occasions. Doesn’t even matter what kind we are clicking though, be it funny, real or even something quirky we don’t mind capturing it in our lens. Here’s a certain compilation of such pictures wherein you would be more than just glad to having had it clicked.

A great battle

We have seen a lot of things people use as their defence mechanism but this certainly is something which we are finding a bit hard to decipher.

What exactly is that defines tactic and what point is he trying to drive home with this

For reasons unknown

There is a thing with men when they see girls in uniform trying to do some heavy duty action they get bowled over right in right there.

We are sure girls think the same way as men do, but what makes the heart beat fast is something we don't know

She is ignorant t

Ignorance is bliss we do agree but at times it is important to know both the worlds so that once when someone pulls a Mickey of you, you would be in a position to counter that or even go one better and we genuinely believe these men must be shown their place.

Over Enthusiast, isn't she?

We all know we are quite eager when it comes to having our share of confectionaries no doubt about it but what happens in certain cases is that we simply go overboard and unintentionally create quite a ruckus.

Titanic the best ever

While this might be up for debate whether titanic is the best ever but we for once surely feel it has to be right up there with the very best.

Think of it before two decades the guy was asked to show sketches rather draw sketches of his imagination in the beautifully shot scene, those were the days, weren't they?

He's had an off day

We know and do understand that people have an off day and they are completely sapped out at times, but what we never knew was paparazzi is at it all the times there is no escaping it, and our dear leader might have learnt about this through this click.

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Could you solve it

As soon as we see something with the psychology we tend to take ourselves far too seriously even more than the regular and tend to overcomplicate a simple fact.

We are sure the same might be the case with you guys when you are trying to figure out.

What for is that medal

While we do appreciate when someone is rewarded for their excellence in their respective field and reward is the best form of acknowledgement, what we fail to understand here is what exactly this medal is for and why it is being presented, if you guys are able to figure out do let us know as well.