Grandparents Who Set The Internet On Frenzy

  • 8:17 pm May 22, 2018
  • vignesh

They say life comes a full circle for everyone and this is entirely true especially when you look at from the perspective of our grandparents.They tend to begin or start reliving their childhood fantasies and it seems such a joy to watch them do all such antics. At times they do stuff just to purely attract attention since they feel they are the most neglected lot. We have tried to make a list of all such moments of sheer delight when grandparents had let themselves loose.

When they hate it

There are quite a lot of times when grandparents don't like what you make them do. This scenario is one such where the grandma hates the fact that she is in Hawaii. Spare a thought for her.

She seems to be a fan

This grandma seems to be a huge fan of Leonardo Di Caprio.

No wonder she replaced the picture of her beloved with the man of her dreams

Wish her a happy birthday

She seems to be having a ball of a birthday, living all her dreams to the fullest.

Now this is what you call a perfect birthday celebration

Recovering strangely

She surely seems to be recovering pretty well.

Considering how she has taken to medication is no surprise as this grandma seems to be having the time of her life doing things she normally wouldn't.

Weirdest birthday wish

We aren't sure what to make of this birthday wish

It falls in the range from weird to bizarre, but if grandma wishes you it stays a wish

Bring out all the naughtiness

We never knew such naughty stuff were part of their kitty too unless we discovered this from grandma's hideout, a good one we must admit.

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He takes the prize

If ever there's an award to celebrate the golden oldies this grandpa for sure will sweep away all of them.

Giving it back

We only wish that the pelican understood whatever this grandpa had to say.

It seems that the pelican had a stuff to do with grandpa and left him fussed but doesn't matter their one to one is a sight for the eyes