People Went Crazy And These 10 Photos Prove That!

  • 11:46 pm September 17, 2020
  • suhas

Sometimes, you end up doing somethings which become a pleasant memory in future. In fact, when you revisit that memory in future, you don't believe the situation you had created or were in! These photos are the testimony of such hilarious moments! These are great and prove that some people were really having fun!


Chances are that after looking at this image, you might not wanna go ahead. This is disgusting, yes! But this is the 'Crazy' we were talking about!

This Lock

We genuinely wanna know if anyone has ever tried this Cheetos lock? Does it work? Well, whoever thought of this is a foodie for sure, not a genius by any chance!

Pizza Cycle

Okay we genuinely wanna know what's up with this? Why will anybody waste their Pizza like this? Maybe the owner of this cycle wanted to send out a clear message "Nothing to steal here, just a pizza."


People have this habit of doing extremely weird things. Hopefully this person will find out why mustard and vanilla don't go well together. If he doesn't god save him!

Boater Cycle

So people are fond of motor cycles and have motor cycle buddies. This guy is a boater cycle buddy. The man does not shy away from riding his boater Cycle.

Confused Salad!

So somebody tried making a salad here but it looks like an extremely confused salad. Salad with a side of confusion and bleeding it seems!

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The Size!

Clearly Amazon couldn't find any bigger box to deliver this magnumopus sized memory Card! Look at amazon going out of the box!

Hungry Urinal

Is this urinal a living being that was craving a popcorn or somebody went really really mad? What is the scene with this one?

Vegan Friend!

People are extremely weird when it comes to pranking with their friends. Somebody did this to mess up with their vegan fried!

Fruit Loops

And here's a bowl full of fruit loops. Its just that nobody would want to take a bite out of this. Weird!