• 2:36 pm May 1, 2021
  • suhas

Kids are cute, kids are innocent, kids are sweet. But we rarely call them smart. But we got our hands of some answer sheets and when you will look at them, you will also call these kids the smartest kids ever!

Blind! Honestly

Only kids can think of an answer like this! We can't! There is a reason why this kid is smartest!

We Fell It!

This kid understands what all the adults go through on daily basis. If this isn't the best answer, I don't even know what is!


This kid is definitely a genius. Only the teacher failed to recognize its genius.

True Or False?

Some kids are way more intelligent for their age. This one is surely one of them! Also, this kid has an art!


This kid is slowly growing into a Nicholas Sparks fan boy! Good, very good.


Is it only me or this is the funniest thing we are seeing today?

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Alphabetical order

It isn't this kids fault. They should have mentioned the question clearly!

By A 7 Year Old!

Can you believe a 7 year old wrote this answer? This generation I tell you!


I vote for this kid to become the next President whenever he grows up! He seems super creative!

Pure Genius!

We don't even know what to say anymore. This is pure genius! Pure genius!