10 Funny Fashion Fails that Might Impress You!

  • 3:58 pm September 7, 2020
  • suhas

Fashion is not everybody's cup of tea. Most of the people out there don't even know why certain things make into the top trend. Here, there are some of the most hilarious fashion fails that you will see. The funny thing though is that they are good enough to maybe, just maybe impress you!

This Top

How many of us out there want this top? How many of us will pay a fair price and wear this top 24/7? This top is a personality in itself! It is me on most of the days!


You must have heard people match their clothes with their partners, siblings or best friends. This guy is way too cool for that. He matched it with his car!

The Family Photo

Who would volunteer to wear this joker costume and come for a family photo to completely ruin it in your family? It looks very cool to be honest. No kidding here!

Ramen is life

This is what you wear when Ramen is literally your life! This costume needs more attention and more buyers to be very honest!

Halloween Appropriate?

That moment when you want to dress appropriately for Halloween but you don't know what is inappropriate for the society! The struggle is real!

No Drinking

To be very honest, this is an extremely smart move. Nobody in the first glance will notice that the clutch is not a clutch but well...

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Online Shopping

Online shopping is great but you have to be smart what you order. Who's fault is it anyway this time? What are your thoughts on it?

Snow Shoes

Have seen the upgrading of new items or prefer to recycle it. But here it is probably made into snowshoes. No stress of walking in the snow now!

Fault in her stars

Did any of your family degrade you for being their fault? How about your grandmother? Feels terrible, right?? We can feel it!

2 In 1 Ticket

Ever tried slipping 2 people in 1 ticket? Well. these people tried and failed miserably. But full marks for efforts. This looks hilarious as well!