10 Texts From Parents To Their Children That Are Just So Funny

  • 6:14 pm March 15, 2018
  • bhavna

It’s no big deal to mention that children today are so advanced with technology that their texting styles have also become way better than their parents. But even parents are not far behind and the way they deal with their kids at times is interesting to go through.We may not be able to tell which one of these is hilarious but yes if you think of something then do put your views in the comments. We are sure that you will be ROFL by the time you reach the end of this post.

Sorry, my Son!

A father knows his child better and even the ways to amend him is funny yet a bit scary decision.

Laugh Out Loud

Contacts lost! But, it seems that a child does not recognize his father. Look at this one how a kid takes on his father for a ride by pretending not to recognize him. We hope our kids are not that mysterious but who knows!!

The Funny One

Child Shocks and Dad Rocks! A funny approach to deal with super smart kids. That is the quality of a father on how to deal with their child’s tantrums.

Point well taken

Please be clear if you want your kid to do something you want or just left them on their own. They may have a better one popping up in their mind.

Reference It

Are you trying to be philosophical with children? Think again!!

Dinner Games

Love what they want to eat and you will be the best parent in the world!

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Smart Kid

This Kid totally bowled out his mom with his awesome response.

Mom Iced

This is completely hilarious! LOL

The Eavesdropper

Mothers are always the best investigators of their daughters. Isn’t it? The mom in this conversation was wishing for a break-up between her daughter and her boyfriend because she doesn’t like him. But, there comes a twist. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Troubler

Never underestimate your kids! This tit-for-tat conversation between a father and a son was completely beyond one’s expectation.