11 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About ‘Trainwreck’ You Probably Didn’t Know About

  • 4:51 pm March 14, 2018
  • bhavna

Trainwreck won like a million hearts with its amazing comedy. No matter how many ever times you watch it, it promises a good laugh every time. Here are 11 behind the scene facts about the movie that you should know about.


Do you remember Amy’s cheerleading scene? Well! That was one of the most hardest thing for Amy to do and for which she practiced with the cheerleaders for whole two months putting all her soul in it. Practice made you perfect, Amy.


There are a few scenes in the movie that are highly inspired by Amy’s childhood. One being Amy’s real life father who did actually suffer from multiple sclerosis. She wasn’t sure if she should put it in the movie, but agreed thinking that it might help other kids who too are in the same situation.


Amy, in her writings had described that her boss’s character should be a “Tilda Swindon” type. When the director of Trainwreck Judd Apatow, came to know about it, he offered fiercely talented and amazing actress, Tilda Swindon, the part.


Well! John Cena played Amy’s boyfriend in the movie. Do you know that this guy did not actually do the sex scene with Amy and it was his double who did that. Yeah! You actually didn’t see this guy on the bed.


Jude Apatow had decided that he would make the movie after he heard of Amy doing an interview with Howard Stern. He was amazed by her humour and her extremely funny personality. He was shocked that she could even make him laugh while talking about her father’s illness.