11 Unusual Maps People Shared That Might Change Your Perspective On A Lot Of Things!!!

  • 5:34 pm October 18, 2020
  • suhas

These maps show our world in a new light. They tell us about facts that we otherwise would just brush away! These facts are shocking, unknown and capable enough to open your eyes about a lot of things! These are unusual!

Shocking Canadian map

Look at this C0anadian map. Absolutely unbelievable, right? So the 50% of Canadian population lives in less then 10% of the are in the country!

Referred Countries

Do you know what these highlighted countries are? These are the list of countries mentioned or perhaps referred in the Bible!

Uneven Distribution!

Every single section in this map holds 10% of the world's population. Yes, now we know the population disparity in our world!

Penguin Map!

This is the map of our world and the highlighted places are the one where you will find Penguins naturally! So this is actually a Penguin Map!

World Tour!

This is the tracking of an eagle over a 20 year period. Wow, somebody got a great world tour here!

Railway Route!

The outlined part on the map is the longest possible train travel route in the world! Somebody should seriously start working on this!

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Indian Railways!

Speaking of railways, here's a map that shows passenger railway networks in 2020 in the 4 biggest continents. India in itself has more railways routes than other whole continents!

Chai Tea

Now here's a little tea knowledge! The countries that got tea via china through the silk road (land) referred to it in various forms of the word "cha". and, the countries that traded with china via sea - through the Min Tan Port Called it in different forms of "Te." Wow!

Disparity Again

Look at this African map. Both the areas of Africa here have pretty much similar population!

Real Size of Japan!

Okay, so let's compare Japan's map to USA's! This is the real size of Japan in reality!


This is the most emotional one in this list! Syria before and after Civil war! Heartbreaking, isn't it?