17 Photos That Would Surely Make You Cringe.

  • 4:52 pm March 15, 2018
  • bhavna

Everyone on this planet has some sort of pet peeve. Some pet peeves can be as minor as when someone kicks the back of the seat in a movie theater and some can vary to border OCD like, not having any dirty dishes in the sink.Either way pet peeve can cause extremely uncomfortable feeling, that’s undeniable. Check out some pictures which will make you wish you never even started scrolling, but you won’t be able to look away.

Window Seat

When all fails, use a black cellophane tape and do a dirty job at that.

Bee Eye

An eye for an eye? Yikes too creepy!

All Purple

This picture is sure to give you a heart attack.

Step By Step

The flight of steps on this bridge is something, that people with the fear of heights should stay away from.

Circular Darkness

Why would someone voluntarily want to check out this void of darkness?

Edge Of A Cliff

Enjoying the view yet?

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Waters Edge

Ever tried to stare at the sky but, just ended up seeing a wall of water?

Run Now!

Well, good luck with your dreams tonight!

Food Peeve

All you had to do is, leave the fork at least a few inches away from the syrup.

See to Eye

That eerie feeling of tiny legs walking across your eye.

Loony Tunes

Now, I am just waiting for Roadrunner to make an entrance for the ACME product.

Toe Troubles

This fashion choice leave me feeling a little squirmy!

Blackened Away

So, how would the smoke detector work now?

Ouch, Not Again!

That moment when a needle pierces your skin.


It is advisable to check first before you slip your feet in.

Coffee Suprise

Maybe getting a nice warm drink would help calm you down?

Slimy Slimy

Can your brain process what these are? Because they’re not glass marbles, I assure you.

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