20 Strange Things Hidden Inside Everyday Items

  • 12:15 pm August 31, 2018
  • vignesh

We don’t pay attention to the detail of the everyday items around us because they are our daily routine. They are boring and normal, we don’t expect anything special about it. When you look at them closely, you’ll notice the strangeness hiding there, waiting to surprise you!

Surprise Under the chocolates wrappers

They are Styrofoam balls hidden inside chocolate wrappers. I am disappointed. I may even cry right now.

Grapes inside a grape

There's a tiny grape inside another grape, sounds like a win to me!

A little heart

That little stuff toy has a little heart! Feel guilty yet?

Desk or cardboard

I wonder how that person's hope just shattered when he found out his desk was made of cardboard all along.

Win win for everyone

Hey, they look like they’re different sizes, you just got another screwdriver for free!

What's inside that Snap bracelet!

We were all just wearing measuring tape around our wrists as a fashion statement?

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Secret hands

Comfortable or just weird? Secret hands cradling your assets all day from the inside of your bra.

Shoe deodorant

We appreciate the idea though


Lucky or unlucky? Maybe there are just cans sitting inside!


Turns out you just need six regular triple-A batteries.

A tree inside another one

This tree had another tree growing inside of it!

The over zealous one

There's over-zealous pooch right here!


Is that two ceramic snowmen inside one snowman!

A ball inside one

Who’d have thought!

Clothing line has a rope

I definitely didn’t except a clothesline to be full of happy Disney characters!

What's inside the leather?

Yep, the whole thing is supported by old toothpaste boxes! minty leather.

Bowling ball stories

Didn’t see that coming!

A two inch ruler inside a laptop.

Because measuring things that are shorter than two inches is a regular pastime for me.

Kitkat is it?

The biscuits are meant to face the other way?

What on earth?

This looks weird!