6 Easy Puzzles Which Will Trick Your Brain For Sure!

  • 12:48 pm January 16, 2021
  • suhas

Puzzles are a great way to train your brain. Solving them regularly just enhances your logical senses and improves your thinking! Here we have 6 puzzles for you that are super easy. But even then, very few got all the answers right. Are you one of them?

You Have 5 seconds

Look at the image. You have 5 seconds. Did you get the mistake? Its not that difficult, look for it!


The word 'Spot' is written twice. Did you see it? If you did in 5 seconds, you win!

Do you See it?

There is something very special about this tree. Do you see it? It is right in front of you! Just focus and you will get it!


See, we marked it for you. Did you get it? It was right in front you see!

How many holes in this T Shirt

This got to be one of the easiest in the list. Just use some logic and you'll get the answer!


The correct answer is 8! How you ask? Those 8 holes are the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the T-shirt, as well as the holes in the middle (which were cut through both layers of the fabric).

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Which line is longer?

So this one was in the thumbnail of this post as well. Its an easy straight forward answer. You don't have to think much about it!


Of course the line A is bigger! We just tricked you into thinking more by highlighting B in thumbnail. The power of conformity can be amazing: in a similar experiment, 75% of subjects agreed with the wrong statement about line length. Wow!

Find The Baby

The task in this image is very simple. Find the baby! That's it! Just find the baby in this image! Look closely!


Here you go! here is the answer. It wasn't very easy but that is what these puzzles are all about!

Find The Common Mistakes

Both these photos have common mistakes. Find those mistakes if you can!


Did you get it? Just turn the images upside down and observe. The eyes and lips of both women are upside down, but our brain does not recognize that immediately. This is because it is used to seeing these features in that exact position.