6 Riddles That Only Geniuses With Logical Thinking can Solve!

  • 7:41 pm November 29, 2020
  • suhas

Are you a genius? Well, are you a genius who has logical thinking? Here are some riddles that need extreme level of logical thinking for you to solve it! Give it a shot and you'll know it yourself!

Teapot Question!

Let's start with a super logical question but a relatively easier one look at this image! If teapot А can contain 32 cups of tea. How many cups of tea can teapot В contain? Think about it. Look at the picture properly and think!

The Answer

See, not that difficult you see! You see all you had to do was look at the image properly!


Now here's a question number 2 for all of you! One of the spirals consists of 2 separate parts. Can you tell which one? Look at it properly, it's not that difficult either!

The Answer

Here's the answer. Just like the previous one, not very difficult. A little bit of hard logical thinking was involved!

Find Everything!

Look at this one now. Do you see each and every single thing in the picture on your right in the picture on your left? Trust me, it is there!

The Answer

here you go. All of the, were right in front of your eyes!

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Find the replacement

Which figure do you think should actually replace the question mark? Think about it, it's actually simple. A little brain and you'll be able to solve it!

The Answer

It was a little difficult, we'll give that you! But, a little hard thinking would've gotten you here!

More Water?

Which of these glasses have more water compared to others? This one is just logic, that's it! We promise it isn't difficult!

The Answer

Here's the logical answer for you! Wasn't that difficult, was it?


And finally, can you find a totally symmetrical cross in this picture? It exists, trust me! Just look at it a little harder!

The Answer

And here's your answer. Well, It did exist you see! You should've just looked a little harder!