6 Riddles To Really Test Your Logic! Are you A Genius?

  • 6:22 pm November 14, 2020
  • suhas

Here we have some riddles for you that aren't very easy to solve. Very selected few were able to solve all of them accurately! Are you one of them? Well, check it out!

How many holes does this T-shirt have?

So how many holes do you see in this T-Shirt? 2? Well, look at it properly again! The correct answer here is 8. The question does not specify which holes, because of which the answer is 8. Those 8 holes are the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the T-shirt along with the one in the middle!

A Tough One

There is something wrong with both these images. They are upside down, yes! But did you notice anything else which is unusual? The eyes and lips of both women are upside down, but our brain does not recognize that immediately. This is because it is used to seeing these features in that exact position. Turn the photo upside down and notice!

You have 3 matchsticks. How will you convert them into a number 6?

Honestly, this one is the simple one in this list! No, you do not break them. just think a little harder. So well, Three was in the Roman format and so can the number six. VI. So just make a V and let 1 matchstick as it is!

Find The mistake In 5 Seconds!

You have just 5 seconds. That's it! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Any luck? The word 'The' is written twice! As simple as that!

Simple Question

The question is very simple but the answer needs some thinking! Think about it! The answer is: Billie lives in the southern hemisphere.

Who Is The 3rd Child?

Come on, this is nothing. it is a very simple question! It is John! Come on, it is John. Easy peasy!

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