6 Biggest Signs To Know If Your Phone Is Hacked For Real!

  • 1:50 pm November 5, 2020
  • suhas

Hacking has unfortunately become an integral part of our world. It has become so dangerous that even governments of a lot of countries had to be on the receiving end of it. So how can you know if your phone is hacked or no? Just look for these signs and you'll know!

It Reboots itself

Remember, no phone ever reboots itself. So if your phone does, there is something terribly wrong. There are chances that it is already hacked. And so, just take care!

Unable to Switch off

Unable to switching off your phone is another signal that your phone may just be hacked. Instead, your phone starts opening different apps, increasing the lighting, and so on?

It Gets Warm very easily

A lot of times when you pick your phone up, it is warm. That's not a good sign ether. Chances of a hack cannot be ruled out in that situation either.

Unknown phone numbers in your "Recent calls."

If you ever identify calls to unknown number that you never made and neither did anybody around you, it is certainly hacked! Its time you take some quick actions!

Battery is draining Super fast

Battery draining superfast is another signal that all is not well with your phone at all! You need to quickly act upon it!

Random Apps on your phone

This is an extremely common way as well! If you ever notice random apps on your phone that you did not for sure installed, your phone is in trouble and so is your data!

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