7 Heart Shattering Images That Show The Real Result Of Global Warming

  • 12:03 pm August 3, 2020
  • suhas

Global warming is the harsh result of years of exploitation of nature by humans. It is a reality and our future generations will have to bear the brunt of it! With every passing day, things are just getting more serious! If you do not believe us, look at these images. Pictures never lie!

Aral Sea

Is ain't no surprise that Aral sea has shrunk big time over all these years! The biggest water basin has been dried up as the sea was actually a lake filled with the salty sea but because of the excessive irrigation, things went Kapoot. But is irrigation only to be blamed? It is the way we handled this water body to be honest. Now these aren't good signs by the nature, is it?

Alaskan Pedersen

Honestly, such imaged break our heart. We all know the natural sheet of ice on our planet is melting, we just don't know how much. Here is an example of how bad things have become for us and only we are responsible for this.

The Sans Blas In Panama

Rising sea level has been indicating us of how bad the situation has already become. Group of islands in panama are really suffering with this problem which is absolutely alarming to say the least!

Enterprise Bridge Orville

Global warming has affected many places and one of the places is in California where everything is drying up. These things have direct impact on agricultural activities.

Arctic Ice

Arctic is one of the most affected region in the world. It ain't no rocket science to understand that rising temperature would mean rapid melting of snow! This picture is enough to scare us for our upcoming generations!

Alaskan Muir Glacier

If that wasn't enough, here we have more pieces of scary future that is focusing upon us! This is just the result of decades of exploitation of our mother nature!

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Grinnell Glacier

If you thought climate change effects only humans, you are wrong. It effects the flora and the fauna of our world. Creatures living underwater are widely affected as well! Glaciers are melting, water level in the Oceans is increasing and things are just getting dimmer with every passing day!