7 iPhone settings that You should Immediately Turn Off...

  • 12:45 pm November 6, 2020
  • suhas

iPhones has become the epitome of success in terms of technology. There are very few other brands that enjoy the loyal fan base like Apple! If you ae one of them, this piece of information is just for you! We are about to tell you some settings in iPhone that you need to turn of asap!

iPhone Analytics

This setting is there to just send your information to Apple. It drains your battery and presents a privacy issue about how you use your phone. Now you don't want that, do you?

Significant Locations

This setting uses GPS to help track your locations – which allows it to “deliver relevant advertising to you.” It actually poses no real harm but then it annoys you with constant ads. So get rid of it maybe?

Fetch New Data

If you don't want regular updates about the new emails that you received, you are gonna love this tip. Start back at “Settings” and click on “Passwords and Accounts.” Now go to “Fetch New Data.” This is where you’ll make sure that “Push” is turned off. Just change your accounts to “Fetch” and set up how often you want your iPhone to look for new information like emails. This is gonna save so much of your battery!

Background App Refresh (for certain apps)

Background App Refresh allows certain apps to download data in the background even when you’re not using them. This is a terrible waste of your battery and space! So just go to the “Settings” screen and tap on “General.” Then go to “Background App Refresh.” You’ll next go through the list and select the ones you don’t need this feature for (turning them off).

Limit Ad Tracking

Now this one is very important for your privacy. Head back to “Privacy” and scroll to find “Advertising.” Here’s where you’ll click, “Limit Ad Tracking.” So this one is actually 'ONing' somethings and not 'OFFing' something.

iCloud Analytics

This setting is also in the same location as your iPhone analytic. Just turn this setting off too. It’s a similar data collecting feature that will affect your battery life.

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Just About Everything In System Services

If you’re looking to save your battery, this will help do the trick. You can in fact use your phone without most of them on! Go to “System Services” on your iPhone. Here, you’re going to select only a few settings to leave on. We recommend that you KEEP “Emergency Calls & SOS,” “Find My iPhone,” and “Share My Location.”