8 Unusual Beauty Standards In Different Asian Countries Nobody Can Match

  • 10:36 am December 15, 2021
  • suhas

Women all around the world are gorgeous. But there are different beauty standards in different countries. Here we are only covering the Asian continent. You will be surprised to see the changing standards.

Black teeth (Japan)

Black teeth in Japan is a huge thing. Teeth blackening or 'ohaguro' is a Japanese custom of dyeing teeth black with an iron liquid. Just a clarification, nobody really uses this practice anymore but once upon a time, this was the highest stage of beauty in Japan.

Neck elongating (Thailand)

Women from Kayan Tribe can be seen with elongated necks. It is an ancient practice. Some people say that with their long necks the women resemble dragons, which are important figures in the local folklore. So the question is, how do they do it? Girls start wearing brass coils when they are 5 years old and get more and more rings that elongate their necks as time goes on.

Teeth filing (Indonesia)

This is actually a ritual in Indonesia. This procedure is mainly done by teenagers in order to ’ward off evil spirits.’ Filed teeth in Indonesia are a sign of maturity. After this procedure teens are ready to marry. Interesting, right?

Long toenails (India)

Long and well shaped toenails are considered extremely pretty in India. They color them to make it prettier.

“Yaeba” — crooked teeth (Japan)

Girl's with crooked teeth are extremely popular in Japan. In Japan, women pay to make their teeth snaggled. This tendency is called yaeba or “double tooth.” Dentists make “snaggleteeth” by putting permanent or temporary plastic fronts on upper canines.

Nose bandage (Iran)

Due to the huge popularity of rhinoplasty, Iran has been dubbed the “nose job capital of the world.” Iranans are actually passionate about this. The nasal tape after surgery even has a special name: “bandage of honor.” Women don’t try to hide it, but instead, they proudly show this as a sign of their recent rhinoplasty.

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Unibrow (Tajikistan)

You may or may not feel Unibrows are attractive but people is Tajikistan totally love it. Which is why, women with unibrows are considered very pretty there.

Heart-shaped face (South Korea)

South Korea has the largest number of cosmetic procedures in the world per capita. People out there love cosmetics. It ain't no surprise people out there are attracted to Heart-shaped face.