8 Pictures To Test Your Smartness

  • 5:10 pm May 18, 2018
  • vignesh

Smartness is something which needs constant validation, there isn’t any measure apart from taking up challenges, puzzles and quizzes to determine what your smartness quotient is. So how good are you when it comes to identifying the differences between two similar looking pictures. So challenge your intelligence and try figuring out if you can. Once you are able to solve them, it would surely give you joy.

Gumball differences

Can you spot the difference between these two gumball pictures?

SPOILER: In the bottom right corner, a white gumball has been darkened

Difference between Disney characters

Try challenging yourself by spotting the differences between these 2 colourful Disney pictures.

Spoiler: In the Above picture, on the left side Mickey's ears has a big hole in it

Dangling Ribbons

We are making this challenging now.

What is the slight difference between these two pictures?

Focus and you might crack it. SPOILER: the dangling yellow ribbon has been removed.

What separates the images

A woman is staring right through a window, this surely is a wonderful image.

Till when would you stare at this picture and ultimately spot the difference?

SPOILER: the mouse hole near the bottom right corner.

This one is a jackpot

This one has got multiple differences.

How smart are you? Find them all!

SPOILER: Aeroplane far high in the sky, noticeable time difference on Big Ben, bus numbers, top of the lamp post, the man’s newspaper.

Industrial picture difference

Can you try finding the difference between these two industrial pictures.

SPOILER: the pipe continues in the bottom right corner.

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Difference in the globes

What separates these two images?

Are you even looking in the correct place? When you look at it, you’ll wonder how you missed it.

SPOILER: the branch near the top.

Difference in art

Mona Lisa is a classic work of art, so if you are a connoisseur, maybe you’ll see this difference right away.

SPOILER: the background near the left of the image has been darkened.