8 Major Signs that Indicate you Are Smarter than You think you Are...

  • 3:16 pm October 31, 2020
  • suhas

Being smart has got nothing to do with how much you have studied or where you have studied for that matter! Its all about the way you think, react, decide, so on and so forth! Here are some signs that prove you are smarter than what you give yourself the credit for!

You are eager to learn

Dumb people think they know everything and smart people believe they can never k now everything! And so, they are always curious to learn new things!

You are positively nervous

Not getting nervous is anything but good. Everybody gets nervous and its normal but if you are positive even when you are nervous, you are smart and intelligent!

You are outrageously funny

Funny people are often the smartest. The most difficult job in the world is to make somebody laugh and if you can do that, you are a genius!

You are a night person

There are multiple studies who prove that night people are the creative most people out there! Your creativity doesn't let you sleep it seems!

Reading Is Your Forte

As a child, your favourite companion was books? You used to love reading? You were born smart my friend!

You were the eldest among all siblings

Younger siblings, please don't get offended. Studies just show that elder siblings learn to take responsibility very early in their life that makes them very smart!

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Left is right for you

Various analysts have observed that the grace which the lefties possess is unlike anything they have seen. So well, being a lefty makes you smart then!

You were breast-fed when you were a baby

Research observes that babies who were breast-fed displayed good skills sets as young adults. There are multiple benefit's of breast milk and one of them is that it makes you smart, yes!