8 Things Rich People Don't Buy But Poor Take Out Loans To Have Them

  • 6:13 pm October 7, 2020
  • suhas

Somebody extremely wise once said that if your are born poor, that isn't your fault but if you die poor, that is your fault. It is all about the choices that you make after all! Here are some choices that rich never make but poor will do anything for them!

Fur coats

Most of the rich people nowadays consciously won't wear fur coats as it is unethical and they wouldn't wanna come across as people who encourage animal cruelty. But poor yet think owning an expensive fur coat is a style statement and will do anything to buy them!

A lot of knick-knacks For the Room

The richest of them all believes in an extremely simple living. You won't see a lot of Knick Knacks in their room. But same is not the case with not so rich one. The middle class try to fill their houses with various interior details and the latest trendy things. They strive to constantly improve their interior, distracting themselves from the really important immaterial things.

Trainings and courses

Personal growth courses are a business, and the coaches there are not interested in the effective development of their clients. Rich people understand that the only person who can help them grow is they themselves. But poor have this habit of constantly investing in these courses assuming that it will do wonders for them!

Gold jewelry

Gold is luxury, yes! But rich never bother themselves with a lot of it! Stylish and wealthy women usually wear a moderate amount of gold jewelry when attending events. Middleclass women though go all in with their gold jewelry.

Clothes and shoes from expensive brands

For the red carpet, rich people surely go for designer stuff but in real life, they are as simple as we are. Bill Gates outlined that the watch on his wrist cost $10, despite the fact that he could afford millions of watches from the most famous brands. But is this the case with poor or middle class people?

Home appliances

Wealthy people don’t strive to buy the latest models of home appliances. If the previous model they bought still works perfectly, they see no need to buy a new one and that is precisely how it should be, right? But middle class people are always interested in the latest technology available in the market for their houses.

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Buying lots of toys for their kids

Successful people came to the conclusion that they could harm their children by buying toys in unlimited quantities. They may lose focus to say the least. But poor like pampering their kids as much as they can!

The beauty sphere

Today, the natural color of nails speaks to privilege and wealth. Successful women prefer a neat, natural nail, in a modest pastel or nude shade that looks nice. Middle class women like it a little more shiny and glossy. Now such things cist money to be honest!