8 Unexpected And Interesting Facts Which You Might Not Be Knowing

  • 5:33 pm July 25, 2020
  • vignesh

Facts is something which separates truth and fiction. People don't believe in theories, they believe in facts.
They are the measures through which we are able to generate scientific reasoning.
The knowledge of facts can be endless and never ending. But once in a while we come across few facts which leave us stunned and make us want to know more.
We at Genmice, are going to list out certain such facts which are unexpected and interesting at the same time.

Did you know it had 2 halves?

We never knew that the Colgate toothpaste can be cut into 2 halves and it would still retain the essence of being the same.

Hollywood logo

What started as being just an advertisement ended up being an iconic logo, so the next time when someone speaks highly about it, you know how it came in to being.


They are so indifferent from a western culture that they stay far away from it.
An Island in the Indian ocean is inhabited with tribes who don't even know how to make a fire.

McFlurry spoon

Have you heard about a spoon that can make food even more tastier and delicious? This Mcflurry spoon is designed specifically for that, it makes the ice cream more tastier.


Underwater creatures live a longer life than normal but to learn that sharks have more life and they are much older than trees is something which not many would know.

President of Israel

He was one of the greatest scientists to have ever been born. He was offered the position of being the president of Israel and we wonder why didn't he take that opportunity.

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Gold is edible

It is not clickbait information, it is a fact that gold is edible and we have to live with it.

Country with 0 birth rate

When there were many countries who had major birth rate population and government had asked them to keep a tab. On the other hand there was Vatican city which is also known as the holy city where in the year of 1983, it was the only country with zero birth rate.