9 Beautiful Images Showing Different Stages of Childbirth!

  • 3:06 pm October 27, 2020
  • suhas

Birth of a child is nothing less than our nature's miracle! The entire process is extremely beautiful. But for obvious reasons, we are unable to see it. here we have some photos for you that will give you an idea of what exactly happens when a child develops in a human body!

First Stage

The image that you see on your screens right now is the preliminary stage. Here, the spermatozoa moves towards the egg through the fallopian tube. Wow!

The Fusion

This is where it all starts! this is where the fusion of spermatozoa and egg takes place! this is literally the start to life!

That moment

Here's a beautiful photo of that very moment to be a little more precise! Looks absolutely lovely and magical, right?

Important phase

Now here's another very important phase. This is a rare picture of a embryo attached to the womb's wall. A crucial stage for a baby to be born.

22 days!

This is how a 22 days old embryo looks like. Now here's a fun part. Do you see that grey area? That develops into a brain later!


Now this is the stage where your heart starts developing. On the 18th day the heart of the child is being born.

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Post 5 weeks

Post 5 weeks, this is how the structure looks! The foetus is about 9 millimeters in size. You can even see the development of the facial structure of the child.

10th week

During the 10th week the eyelids finally open slowly, the eyes are formed. Now this is an extremely precious moment as well!

16 weeks

You can slowly see the nerves now! Things are slowly forming! This is such precious and incredible photo.


In the 18th week the foetus starts responding to the outside voices. This is such a precious photo series to be honest!