9 Secret Messages These Popular Logos Are Hiding Inside!

  • 12:18 pm May 22, 2021
  • suhas

We have a set of extremely popular logos with us. These logos are super duper popular and you must have seen them millions of times. But they are hiding certain symbols inside that none of us ever noticed.


In the first glance, Gillette's logo looks to be a neatly designed one with great font. But, if you look closely, you can see that the edges of the letters G and I mimic the shape of the famous shaving machine’s blades. Now that is amazing designing!


The meaning of this logo is actually deeper than most of us think! The main core of the logo is coat of arms of the Iwasaki family, the founders of the Mitsubishi company. The coat of arms features three diamonds stacked on top of one another. The diamonds represent reliability, integrity, and success, while the color red implies confidence. We told you the meaning is deep! Deeper than one might expect!


This is one of the most appropriately designed logos you shall ever see! Most people don’t immediately see the arrow formed by the empty space between the letters E and X. But, once someone notices it, he or she begins to see it first and foremost whenever looking at the logo! And that’s exactly what the designers were aiming for. Which is why, this logo is one of the best ever!


Would you believe it if we say that a student named Carolyn Davidson was paid a mere $35 for designing this logo in 1975? Well, that is the reality. So what does it stand for? Over the years, there have been number of speculations about the meaning of this logo. But in reality, the world-famous symbol represents the wings of the Greek goddess Nike who used to inspire warriors to victory.


If you know what Durex stands for, you'd know what the logo means. It is an abbreviation for “durable“, ”reliable" and “excellence” — basically, everything you would want from it, right?


Now there is a lot of history regarding McDonald’s logo as well. The designer of the first McDonald’s restaurants came up with the idea to equip the buildings with two large golden arches. In no time whatsoever, this became the face of McDonald's. But there came a point when the company wanted to replace this logo with something new. Bpsychologist Louis Cheskin persuaded the management to keep it. He argued that this symbol looked similar to an upside-down image of the female breasts and therefore reminded people of their carefree childhood. Very interesting, isn't it?

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Le Tour de France

No matter how many times you have seen this logo, you must have never realised that there is a cyclist hidden in this logo. The letter R forms the cyclist’s body, and the sun becomes the bike’s wheel! Now you see it?


This one is a popular non-profit organization that makes this better place and a happier place to live in. That’s why their logo is built around the letter G, which, from a distance, resembles a happy face.


Google was supposed to be designed with three primary colors, Red, Blue and yellow! But later, green was added. With this unexpected splash of green, the designers seem to imply that Google is about breaking stereotypes and not playing by the usual rules. Also, its eco friendly stance!