9 Of The Most Honest Corporate Logos In The World

  • 2:51 pm January 3, 2022
  • suhas

You may not like corporate world a lot but you cannot deny the sheer geniuses we have out there. Some of the leading brands have extremely honest logos and we couldn't help but gush about them when we noticed them.

Airy Lay's

Let's face it, the packet has more air than the wafer itself. We suspect it has more air filled in than the air available on the lading mountains in the world.

The Smelly Spice

Ummmm, the less we say the better. Who else agrees with us?

The Friendship Ender

If you haven't lost at least 10 friends while playing Monopoly, you haven't played the game right


This is hands down the funniest logo you will see in this list.


Ummmmmm, we are just realizing that things are getting brutally real here. No offence!

iTunes too big?

This makes sense simply because of the length. You seriously cannot expect anybody to read anything that big.

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Victoria's Secret

Because it ain't no secret what it does to women. None!

Personal Attack

I take this as a personal attack on me. Not cool guys!


What do you prefer, Pepsi or coke? Well, cheers for either lovers.