9 Of The Most Sardonic Memes Ever On Internet...

  • 3:02 pm October 25, 2020
  • suhas

Internet is a funny place. You will get so much material here that you'll never be short of it in your tough days. People have a great sense of humor and they make it a point to put it up on the web. Here are the craziest memes available on the net!

Always Funny

Cola and Pepsi jokes are always funny, no matter what! This wan for instance is super badass to be honest!

Too Positive!

You know what height of staying positive is? Well, this! Absolutely positive to be honest!

Good use

This is clearly using technology to the fullest. Couldn't have thought of a better use of this new technology!

Being Vegetarian

Let us settle it down for once and forever. All have positives and negatives! Depends on how you see it!

Same to Same

How many of you are reminded of Creed from The Office when you look at this man in the photo? Same to same?

A useful One

Now here's a useful one for everybody! Hopefully somebody who needs this is reading this right now!

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You know hw advertisements are a lie? In case you don't, look at this and you will realize! Its a false world out there!

Done And Dusted!

All of us have done it. All of us! You are lying if you say you haven't done this in your life! So much satisfaction!

This Hairstyle?

So how many of you have this hairstyle? Not me, not me for sure. What about you?