9 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life Super Easy

  • 11:57 pm September 14, 2020
  • suhas

Being a parent isn't easy. It is a struggle in itself which can become extremely frustrating after a point. You often thing about things that you can do to make the entire process really easy. Here are some hacks that you can use! You might definitely like a few!

An inflatable pool

Believe it or not but an inflatable pool makes a great playpen for babies. Do not spend a fortune on their Playpen as they are just gonna play for like few months!

Use sturdy, cardboard box to make a slide on the stairs.

This is an extremely fun and effective way to let your children enjoy inside the house itself. This idea will keep your children entertained while you can get on with other work or simply have some time-off.

Create a kid-sized hammock

The creation of this kid hammock is not gonna cost you anything at all! In fact, your children will love creating their very own hammock with some fabric and a table. This activity will keep them occupied for a while and you can go about your work.

A cut pool noodle

this will prevent your kid's fingers to come between the door. You can buy a pool noodle on the internet and cut a wedge into it so that you can insert it into your door frame.

Creative faucet extenders

Just use an old lotion bottle as your faucet extender till they are kids. This way, they'll be able to wash their hands more comfortably without your help!

Teaching For Your Children!

Okay, this method may involve a little self humiliation. This is hilarious and gets your children thinking about how appropriate their clothing is.

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Use glue and glitter to make “Tooth Fairy Money.”

If your kid is really into tooth fairy money, Use glue and glitter to make “Tooth Fairy Money.” Its easy and your kid will become really happy.

Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game.

Get your children excited about household jobs. Play games with them while getting them to do some work. This will give them a sense of responsibility!

Baby mop suit

This cute baby mop suit lets your child crawl and help out around the house at the same time. This is very useful! Find one and get one for yourself!