9 Signs That Prove You Are Still In Love With Your Ex!

  • 12:29 pm January 10, 2021
  • suhas

All of us have a past. All of us go through things that we may or may not want to discuss. But it is extremely important to move forward. But not a lot of us easily move on. These are the signs that you haven't moved on and are yet in love with your ex!

You Stalk Them

Social media has become an extremely integral part of our life! If you stalk your ex even today on social media, you are yet stuck up and need to move on!

You Feel Worthless

Breakups aren't easy! A lot happens after you breakup with somebody! We all momentarily feel worthless. But even after a year or so if you yet feel the same, things aren't healthy for sure!

You Still Replay The Good Times

There is nothing wrong in replaying good old times but after a point, you need to just leave them behind if it involves your ex. If you are unable to, things can't work!

You Look For People Who Share Their Characteristics

This is one of the worst things that you can do. Stop looking for them in ever other person that you meet! You will never be able to move on in that case! Stop it immediately!

You Can't See A Clear Future

You are unable to see a clear future because you are unable to vision your future without your ex in it! Toxic is the word to be honest!

You Feel You Will Never Find Love Again

Sometimes, we just wanna get back with her ex out of desperation. We become desperate thinking that we'll never find love again! That's bad as well!

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You’re Unsure Of Who You Are

After breakup, our mind starts playing games with us. Because we were so attached to our ex, we suddenly become unsure of who we are without them. Yes, you are yet stuck up on them!

You Deny And Feel Ashamed About Keeping Tabs On Them

This is again pretty much like stalking. You are keeping tab on them but are ashamed of it and deny that fact! Life can become very difficult in this case!

You Still Need Your Friends Support

Even today you need your friend's support to forget your ex is a clear sign that you are still in love with your ex!