Life in North Korea vs Life in South Korea (Heartbreaking Images)

  • 3:43 pm November 2, 2020
  • suhas

It ain't no surprise that Korean was will go down as one of the worst wars on human history. The division changed the fate of both the places. People live a very different life and these images show the heart breaking difference!

Parking Lot!

Let's start with the difference in parking lots! The one you see here is the parking lot in South Korea. It is full of automobiles and you can see the number of them here!

In North Korea

The same cannot be said about North Korea though. Common people are not even allowed to have expensive cars!


Let's talk about the countryside places now! Needless to say, this one is S.Korea! Wait till you see the one on the other side now!

In North Korea

Massive difference, isn't it? Let's just say that the grass is much greener on the other side to be honest!

During Free Time

This is people in South Korea spending some quality time at public places freely in their free time! The same cannot be said about the other side!

In North Korea

As mentioned, the same is not the case with N.Korea. Sadly, people are never free here (in any way)!

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Speaking of youth in both the countries, they are way different from each other. Look at these girls in South Korea here!

In North Korea

And now look at these young people in North Korea. Extremely different, aren't they?


And finally, look at the grade of university in South Korea here. Advanced!

In North Korea

And this is how universities in North Korea look. Not bad to be honest. But massive difference!