Only A Genius Can Solve These Mysteries. Do You Want To Give It A Try?

  • 3:28 pm March 24, 2018
  • pallavi

Try it

How many planks are there actually?

Okay, this picture is designed in a way that the number of planks looks 3 from one side and 4 from another.

Count the elephant's feet?

Well, to some appears to be eight while for others, the answer is 4.

Spot The 5 Differences In Two Pictures

Here are they: The house behind the tree in the front, the lamp post behind the black car, the third road divider mark front, Paul McCartney’s shoes, cigaret in Paul’s hands.

Find any difference between the two pics

You got that right! There are seven bolts on the green mechanism of the first pic while there are five bolts in the 2nd one

Now Spot The Difference Between These Two

Yes, the difference is the patch. The first one has a darker patch while the second one has a lighter

Once again, spot the difference between the two

For all those who began counting the stars, no that's not it. Look at the hole in the spaceship. It is smaller in the left picture than the one which is on the right

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The Big Ben- Spot The Difference

Apart from the plane on the left, the clock is also showing different time

The Easiest Spot The Difference Riddle

Yes, the branches of the tree in the left picture are missing from the right one

Disneyland Creatures- Can You Spot any difference?

Okay, now look at Mickey's left ear in both the pictures! Here you go!

A Riddle For You

Now, look at this man surrounded by dangers on all side. How will he escape? Let us know in the comments below!