Only Brilliants Can Spot Minor Differences In These 8 Pictures!

  • 5:45 pm March 7, 2018
  • pooja

Can you spot the difference

Check your IQ

Below pictures looks similar to each other. What if I say that there are minor differences which exist in these pictures. Have a close look and see if you are brilliant enough to spot these differences.


Now, scroll down and see what are the actual differences that exist in these two pictures and see how many of them are you able to catch yourself.

Take a deep look at this Eiffel tower

Instead of looking at the beauty of the Eiffel tower, let us look at the pictures in the deeper manner and be a genius to look for the differences in the below pictures.


Hope you are able to spot at least one difference. See below and you will realize that there are actually few minor differences that you are not able to figure out in these pictures.

Try this one!!

Our eyes play a lot of tricks on us. But, a keen mind is still able to notice the differences. Don’t forget, even the toughest puzzle has an easy solution.


So??? You really want to get the differences in these pictures. Have a close look at the pictures and you will notice that the difference lies in the slit of this girl. In the upper image, there is doubling in her slit whereas there is single slit in the lower image.

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Have you ever been to Circus

Now try this one and till now you should be able to look in the pictures with detective’s eye.


If you concentrate closely, you would be able to notice that the color of the horse seat is different in both the pictures

Beach view

You have to look at the picture for more significantly to figure out the reality of the picture.


If you noticed there is a guy standing near the rock in the middle of the beach, whereas same has been dispersed in the lower image.

Come on!! You can do it.

Try!! Try!! Try!!

This one is easier, just try a bit harder and you would be able to find out the differences.


In the upper image, there is a pigeon sitting in the last right block of the window and same flew away in the below image. Secondly, the color of the vases has been interchanged behind the chair in both the pictures.

This one is even easier

This is an entrance to a palace with double doors. Look at these pictures consciously and try to figure out the differences


The color of the boundary of the door at the left is different in both the images. Secondly, the design at the top of the right pillar is different.


Come and have a deep look at these pictures and spot at least 1 difference.


The difference lies in the earings this athlete is wearing in her left ear. Look at the below images with the differences highlighted.
If you can spot any other differences, let us know in the comments.