Past Inaugurations Show That The Incoming And Outgoing Presidents React Totally Differently

  • 3:19 pm March 7, 2018
  • bhavna

This shows the difference!!

Donald Trump And Barack Obama

Becoming the President of one of the greatest powers in the world must be daunting enough, let alone having to maintain a decorum and stance all the time. So it is not surprising that incoming Presidents and their first ladies act very differently as compared to the outgoing ones.

Check out this picture for instance. What is the one thing that catches your eyes?

Well, we can point out more than one. For starters, the Obamas seem at ease. It could be because they’ve already served their term and won all the love and recognition they could. Probably because they are at a content space in their heads and perhaps genuinely share the love and affection they exude. The Trumps on the other hand, seem aloof and caught up in some serious thoughts. Although popular speculation has said that the Trumps share a cold relation, while the Obama’s are warm, the truth remains that we cannot really prove this fact until substantial evidence surfaces.

Donald Trump With His Lady

The truth remains that Donald Trump is the official 45th President of America and the least we could do is give his facial expressions a benefit of doubt. The President gave an impassioned and confident speech laying out the general direction he wishes to take the country over the next four years.

45th First Lady Depressed

There have been numerous occasions when the 45th First Lady has been spotted to be depressed, upset or worse not interested.

Check out the past inaugurations that Presidents reacts totally different.

Filed Cases

After all it hasn’t been long since she filed some cases… and then of course miraculously withdrew them… Check this photo out:

Presidents Looked Like On Their First Day

Here is what other Presidents looked like on their first day. Don’t forget to check out the expressions on the First Ladies.

Bill and Hilary seem much more relaxed and happier than President Elect George W. Bush and his wife Barbara.

President Ronald Reagan And Lady Nancy

President Ronald Reagan and Lady Nancy seemed to be frazzled on their inauguration day back in 1981. The others in the picture, on the other hand, seem much at ease and happiness.

Check out the past inauguruations that Presidents reacts totally different.

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President Obama

And then there was Obama. President Obama and the First Lady Michelle seemed to be much more serious at their inauguration, than when they were exiting the White House. This probably could validate how the whole idea of being responsible for the whole country may seem so daunting to them initially and it is only a matter of time till it eases in.

President Bush

But seems like President Bush did a good job at ushering the Obamas into the White House. Look at these happy faces!

Barbara And George Bush.

Barbara and George Bush on the other hand, seem so much more happier and at ease. Big responsibility off your shoulder, eh Sir?

Donald Trump And Barack Obama

Give it some time, the smiles will appear soon. Broad and wide.