The Latest Social Media Challenge Is Sending Kids to the Hospital

  • 5:10 pm March 14, 2018
  • bhavna

Social media is one of the most useful interactive platforms we have in our world today. But at the same time, it can be equally harmful if used in an inappropriate manner. The latest social media challenge is just an example of the same.

Good Old Times

Remember those old days when we had parks and play grounds to our disposal? Playing with friends meant a soccer game in real and not using a LAN. I feel our generation is the last generation to experience the beauty of outdoor games. The new generation is a gizmo freak and believes in virtual existence.

The depressing fact is that with every passing day, virtual reality is becoming unsafe- specially for children. The latest social media challenge popularized on Twitter is just a painful example of that.

‘Salt And Ice Challenge’

The recent Twitter challenge, namely ‘Salt And Ice Challenge’ has made millions try it out and post about it. But this challenge had a great risk involved. If reports are to be believed, doctors have seen number of cases involving minor burns. But the notable thing here is that none of these cases had accidents with irons or stoves.

In fact, these are frostbites. So what are they expected to do in this challenge? They are expected to make a dangerous mixture of salt and ice. Later, they have to press this mixture on their skin real hard. When both the items are joined, the two can do damage in the form of frostbite and even second-degree burns.

Kids And This Challenge

Kids are increasingly falling prey to this disgusting challenge. Sadly, they’ve been “accepting” the challenge in order to post their own videos. Peer pressure you see! “It is important for schools to keep a close eye on all emerging trends and we welcome the warning to parents,” An NSPCC spokesperson told the Huffington Post UK.

NSPCC spokesperson further continued, “The rise of social media has contributed to increasing peer pressure among children. This ‘craze’ [salt and ice challenge] is another clear example of the risks.”

Watch The Video Here