These 10 Beauty Tricks Will Make Every Woman's Life Easy!

  • 8:34 am November 15, 2021
  • surabhi

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder - We bet you've heard this line at some point in your life and perhaps believe it too. But let's face it, the only person it should matter to is YOU. Your beauty is yours to cherish, celebrate and enhance and these ten tips are going to help you do just that!


If you are someone who loves nail polish and often tend to use dark tones, you'd notice that your nails have changed color and this could be because of the chemicals in the paints. But its no biggie and you can totally get rid of it. All you need to do is soak some cotton balls in lemon juice and cover your nails with it. Then proceed to cover them further with aluminum foil and leave it out for 10-15 minutes. VOILA! You go white, clean nails again!


Like your food products, your beauty products too have expiration dates and they are very explicitly mentioned on the labels. However, most of the time we end up using the product for far too long and then later complain of rashes and skin problems. One solution - READ THE LABEL!


If there is ever a count for the times a mascara bottle dries up way before its complete use, the numbers would be swooping high! Everyone of us goes through this and has often sulked, turned the bottle upside down, or gotten frustrated and just bought a new one. But the solution is far simpler than this. Just add in a few drops of eye drops or contact lens fluid!


Need that matt finish to your lips? Don't need to invest in heavy duty lipstick brands and shades. Just get that blush out and dap your lips with the same after you've applied sufficient coats of your lipstick and there you got it - a well matt finished lip!


Tired of the nailpolish stains on your fingers and hands after that one small session of application? Well, lets face it not all of us are geniuses in this department. It takes real precision and skill and only a few of us have mastered this. For all others, there is this trick - apply vaseline or moisturizer on the skin around your nails before you apply nail polish. Its going to change your life, trust us!


Clean the hair straightener using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. How? Well its quite simple! Just wipe it along the surface and dry it fully with a dry tissue. Life is simple when you know these hacks no?

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You may be tough girl, but your products for sure need some tender love and care. So every time you take them out of the house, ensure they are protected so that they don't break or crack due to sudden impacts while traveling.


Next time you head to shave, instead of lathering yourself with a foam ensure you apply baby oil instead. For the shave, it does the trick but what it also does is moisturizes your skin smoothly for you. So now, none of those dry patches and rashes!


We often tend to ignore this part of our body and mostly because it is way below and often covered up. But not anymore! This feet care routine is all that you need for baby soft skin on them feet!

Well, take 2 portions of hot water, one portion of vinegar and one portion of mouth wash. Mix this up and soak your feet into it and relax. Thank us later!


While traveling ensure you always cover your razors with the bulldog clips so that you don't end up cutting your hands while digging through the bag

If you pop your blackheads regularly, then you probably know this already but if you don't pay attention - it is life altering!
The next time you want to pop a white/black head don't do it with your bare hands. Instead take a small bobby pin and use its rear end to do the deal. It is going to be smooth and buttery soft!