We Now Know The Secret Behind Letter X On Your Palm

  • 1:03 pm May 17, 2018
  • vignesh

The science of foretelling the future through the study of palm is known as chirology or in popular culture as palm reading. People who practise this art are called palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. It is considered as a pseudoscience among academics. While there is a whole set of people who don’t pay much heed to palmistry, but majorly there are many who believe in this science.

What does X symbolize

Based on our knowledge of palmistry, we know how the palm lines and symbols are associated with our personalities and future prospects in terms of career, life, marriage, money and health.

What is so unique with symbol X

There has been historical evidence that symbol X was present on the palm of all invading ruler Alexander-the great.

This is certain proof there is something special about this symbol being present on our palm.

What is so special about it

There is a certain science which believes that people who have this symbol on their palms possess strong leadership skills and are known to be found out separately in a group.

Intensive research backs this data

As per the studies conducted by The STI University, Moscow, there have been findings which denote that people with such characterization are naturally gifted.

They aren't gullible, they are their own people, they do what they do.

Detailed observations around symbol X

You might suffer a head injury if the cross sign is below index finger and you might as well receive money from in-laws if it is deeper.

Misfortune and disease may be on the corner if X sign is below the long finger.

You may stand to lose money and failure might grip those having the sign below the ring finger.

A dishonest or a crook generally has letter X below the little finger.