10 Miraculous Places That Need Global Attention

  • 3:29 pm February 8, 2019
  • vignesh

We have seen top ten countries and the top 10 places that many tourists visit it but there are many places in the world which have caught our eyes but we never tried to visit these places. So here we have collected a series of places that can make anyone stare at it with an open mouth.

Mirror Fountain USA

This metamorphosis mirror fountain is attracting many tourists as this sculptor is made from stainless steel and it rotates 360 degrees making it look like a huge head watching us from every corner.

Penrose Fountain USA

This beautiful artwork can be easily spotted in downtown Colorado Springs. It represents the surreal movements between the atmosphere and the earth where the tourist gets to watch this artwork while strolling inside this park.

Swinging in air, Turkey

The best tourist attraction where only a few people know about this place while most of them just visit this place only to swing above the clouds.

Circle Building China

This is the world’s largest center for raw materials and it is like a new home to Guangdong plastic exchange and which is mainly located in China.

Elephant Rock Island

This may look like a normal rock but if we look from an aerial view we get to see a rock in elephant shape that makes all the travellers witness this marvellous rock.

Glasswork Museum - Paris

Being called the most visited place and not knowing anything about it is a real pity like Paris is known for its great Eiffel Tower but we think we have to add one more on the list and it is the Square glasswork museum that has attracted many viewers.

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Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Something that we haven’t seen in real life has been made in Vietnam that can eventually make you gasp aloud witnessing this golden bridge live.


Kerala has been known as the god’s own creation state and there you will see many places that will astound you and one of the things is this Jatayu sculpture which had attracted many tourists.

Colossus Sculpture - Florence

The sculpture of a half man and the half mountain has been made in the late 1500s and it holds various hidden secrets like secretive rooms that can make this sculpture come alive in this ruins.

Digital Fountain, USA

This marvelous thing is situated in the USA as this fountain has been made with digital effects that make it look like water is cascading through hair.