15 Holiday Destinations We Dreamt Of When We Were Kids

  • 11:41 am March 6, 2018
  • Hazel

Absolute joy to think about them now


This place has always been on the bucket list of many, mainly owing to the beautiful waters the region has. And it's a perfect location of newly married couple to enjoy their honeymoon


One of the most romantic places on planet earth, this still continues to be a dream destination for many and best place to spot fashion icons or any fashion lovers.


The Queen's own country, London is a dream which many people still harbour. And the most expensive place where people always wants a chance to travel this big place.


If anyone want to visit exotic locales in the world, Spain is the place to be. The Beautiful culture, vibrant colours this place is full of your wildest destination.

New York

The World's most busiest city is still a dream which many of us continue to have. New York was on our top list because of his western culture and obviously statue of liberty.


Called as the God's own country, Kerala continues to charm us with its untouched beauty. And if you love nature then this place is a true meaning of nature and you will love it's true heritage.

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A State of mind, Goa continues to be a heavenly destination for many, think of a road trip, Dil Chahta Hai days. And Goa is always in our ongoing plan which is always in our to do list.


A city of dreams, a city where everyone is busy talking but not with each other, Singapore is a fantasy we lived in our childhood.


Heaven on Earth, Kashmir back then was a real childhood dream. Kashmir is also called the place of God Shiva.


Capital of Hungary, Budapest was a city which we were besotted with even during childhood. Its name for some strange reason gives it a sultry twist


Country of snow, Switzerland had always enchanted us with its beauty, the fact is it still does. People love this place because of it's true beauty and obvious trying Srk's signature pose.


Capital of Netherlands/Holland was a huge childhood dream, and it continues to be one. The word itself feels rich as it is the city with beautiful dreams.


Thailand, more primarily can be called as an adulthood dream, was a major destination in our bucket list. And it is mostly famous for it's seas and thai food.


The place says it all, it continues to give us holiday goals. If you ever visit this place tell us do how was it like.


A nature's best friend, Bhutan was a major childhood holiday crush . This mountain house is what we need in our favourite holiday destination.