Airport Secrets Any Traveler Must Be Aware Of

  • 12:32 pm May 19, 2018
  • vignesh

When we arrive to a new country, the first thing which captures your attention is that country’s airport. Not only do they help you traverse from one place to other, they provide you with many options of free in house entertainment for passengers. We are hereby sharing useful information of airports from all over the world.

Change International Airport, Singapore

This is easily one of the best airports in the world.

It comprises of a botanical garden, cactus, orchid garden, in addition to having a pond with exotic fishes and having Chinese garden.

Two terminals have free cinemas as well.

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is a book lover’s delight.

Here you’ll find a library with thousands of books, a catalog, and a comfortable reading hall.

Take a warm bedspread, make yourself cosy, and have a good read.

Kloten Airport, Zurich

Undoubtedly Europe’s biggest hub is Kloten airport and it gives travellers an opportunity to see air trips from another angle.

Its many tours would let you see all the airport luxuries up close. Besides, experienced guides will take you to “hidden” places of the Kloten and tell you how the Swiss manage such a huge business.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Apart from the regular services which the largest airport of Taiwan offers something pretty unique.

There are consistent unusual classes for tourists, from calligraphy lessons to tasting local foods.

But the biggest catch of the place and an attraction for kids from all over the world is a Hello Kitty pavilion.

Hong Kong International Airport

This world famous airport boasts a fine section of free temporary exhibitions that take place at different periods which provides highly interactive tours for both children and adults.

But the biggest USP of this airport is the UA IMAX Theatre. This cinema possesses the biggest screen in Hong Kong and a capacity of 350, showing movies in both 2D and 3D

Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Munich

Munich is famous for beer and like no other city, so if you find yourself visiting Munich airport make sure you visit Airbrau brewery.

Even though they wont be able to taste the teenagers are also allowed

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Incheon International Airport in Seoul

A one of its kind exotic airport in the world offering different kinds of entertainment for passengers.

One gets familiar with the local culture even if they are only connecting but aren’t exactly visiting South Korea.

Vancouver International Airport

If you wish to visit North America, start your trip right here from this highly impressive airpot

You will witness the art inspired by the First Nations’ culture which has been carved on a 36 feet long canoe, quite fantastic we must say

Dubai International Airport

The main USP of this airport is the number of duty stores they occupy a whopping 18,000 square yards.

If you have $27-$138 in your kitty you could as well as test your luck in lotteries standing a chance to win a super bike or a car.

Some gentle advice on airport behaviour

Its quite a known secret that airport security procedures are a pain in the back and at times gets too touchy pun intended, so just make sure you follow these simple recommendations.

Avoid flying on weekends, when airports are at their most busiest.

Try to travel with hand luggage if unavoidable then check in baggage quite early

Do make sure that your luggage complies with the weight restrictions of the country from where you are departing to the country where you are landing.