These 8 People Spotted At Walmart Are Real Weird

  • 12:13 pm June 6, 2018
  • vignesh

Walmart undoubtedly is one of the most trusted brands in the world. A corporation known for its quality of products across segments. But the case in point here is since it is known for its mega leeways and offers, there are almost always a bunch of weirdos who throng Walmart and their fashion sense is so cut off from the world that you think what is wrong with them. Some even give us a feeling that they belong to an alien planet.

What is she upto?

We have seen many strange things until now which has often always taken us by surprise but never had we ever thought that we would be witnessing something like this.

But on what earth is this lady upto, we mean who occupies the store this way, we are searching for answers aren't we?

Is it a Carmart?

We know for a fact that people tend to make a whole lot of purchase when they visit stores like Walmart.

The offers which they provide attract even those people who would generally not make a purchase, therein lies the catch, thats their marketing genius.

This makes spendthrifts make a killing and stuff their cars with goodies

All of the same

We do understand that when you have many offers listed right in from of you it would surely entice you to buy more.

But when the same offer is listed on your favourite product imagine how you would go full monty in buying the same product again and again.

Good quality time

If you feel what you would do once you retire from the hustle and bustle of work, think no further.

This is what one would do exactly do post retirement settle within Walmart store itself how wonderful isn't it

What did we see

As we said cheaper the offers more the weirdos.

We are pretty much estranged to see this, we mean who comes up with a hairdo like that, we are extremely puzzled.

Avenger in the house

We wondered how people can turn up in such terrible attire anywhere and then we see this.

A spider-man obsessed man child possibly turns up as he himself is one newly crowned Avenger "Spider-Man", people this days

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Two big names under one roof

We have heard that it is very difficult to manage two big shots at one time so it comes as quite a surprise when we see the daddy of social media arriving in a car to meet Mr.Walmart, wow.

Panda takes over

The best one to round off the list would be this panda who seems to have finally come into her own.

But we aren't pretty sure what exactly made her take this decision and go marshmallow.