10 Hilarious Tourist Photo Fails

  • 4:46 pm May 16, 2018

Whenever we visit a place, the main purpose of our visit is to create some happy memories. Capture memories which we would revisit later, but we never account for those photo failures and those candid moments which may not give us pleasant memories later, below is a list of such pictures

Someone save him

For sure most of us would have tried doing this while vacationing on a beach but what this guy would not have thought of is the way he seems to have been stuck, someone please help this poor guy, you have our sympathy mate

Jack fell down

This is something this guy would have never imagined would happen to him, but fate has other plans and while he was busy staring at one of the other visitors, he had a mighty fall but he seems to be having a ball of a time.

Holy Lord What Happened Here

If you look at this picture, you can not even think of the possibilities which led to this lady tripping on the floor, but whatever be it this isn't a pleasant sight.

Why does he need to do this

How desperate he is to click pictures, no matter what the cost, he is hell bent on capturing images, as if the world is going to an end tomorrow.

Terrifying things happen without a notice

Look at them it seems that their daylights have been blown, and they have been completely scared by what has happened in the background.

What a combination

When you are busy sightseeing across the aqua museum and you leave behind your kid in the lurch, but she is finely seated in isolation waiting for you to return and just then this happens out of nowhere a gigantic fish comes from behind to scare the broad daylights out of your child.

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What was he even thinking

Its quite cool to live out some of your fantasies but it doesn't need to play out in the public and even more it doesn't need to gain publicity, this is exactly what this gent managed to do by posing as a teenage girl.

We are going to save it

Leaning tower of Pisa in Italy has always been a wonder which has left many of us marvelling. So in that context this appears quite funny as we see people actually trying to hold the "supposed" falling of leaning tower of Pisa.

Now this is something new

We have seen hordes of people carrying selfie sticks with them whenever they travel or go holidaying but this one literally takes the cake, a camera on a selfie stick, wow just wow!

Disneyland is no child's play

When anyone says Disneyland, the thing which comes to our mind that it would be great fun for kids to spend over, but even we would not have thought of this. How scary it might have been for this poor kid when he was completely taken aback by this scare from "Mickey".