10 Bedroom Pictures Depicting Millennial’s Lifestyle All Around The World

  • 1:34 pm February 9, 2019
  • vignesh

A South African Photographer, John Thackwray took his precious time only to click pictures of bedrooms all over the world. Well, if we think about photographers we, imagine a guy clicking pictures of an animal, places, and birds but here this photographer spent 6 years only to capture the millennial's bedrooms from across the world. So here we have collected some series of pictures that show the lifestyles of today's world.


Here is the first picture where it was taken from Brazil where the bedroom looks redder than anything and now we are confused that does this person loves any other color?

New York

Well, New York is the city of dreams where you will see many people rushing out of their homes like an early bird. This picture has been taken from the city of dreams New York, the USA where the bedroom captures the life of an entertainer.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the country with rules and regulation that makes our curious mind to know more about their bedroom that smells richness and big money.


Well, looking at this image many people will comment that this is not the way Indian bedroom looks like as they have many luxurious homes to show off but let me tell you that India is a country where people will adjust on anything with a smile on their faces.


This is the main hotspot for the visitors as Russia is the only place with the largest continent and they are known for their beautiful people and a large army. Here is the bedroom image was taken from a Russian home where you will be amazed to find this place more spacious.


Well, you thought the city of love Paris would have a luxurious bedroom but let me tell you this picture has been taken from a movie directors bedroom whose room looks like a workspace rather than a room itself.

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We have only learned about China from various articles and images that keep on updating about the place but here is the bedroom image of China.


We only heard about Germany that it has many beautiful places to visit. So here the photographer captured the image from an Architectural student's home where the place looks like it has been straight come out of a chick flick movie.


Japan has been known as the advanced country all around the world and you will be amazed to find that there are rules for people that should be followed by all for the betterment of the country. And this image is taken from a Japanese girl whose idea of pink has been decorated all over her bedroom.


Turkey is a place to visit as they have many historical monuments and great taste in art. This picture is taken from Istanbul where the bedroom pictures say the lifestyle of a millennial.