10 Gorgeous Faces Clicked At The FIFA World Cup 2018 Which Will Surely Make Your Day

  • 5:09 pm July 4, 2018

Soccer fans are pretty happy nowadays because the FIFA world cup carnival has just started.This year the world cup is being held in Russia. People from all round the globe are watching the world cup matches and the crazy fans even have gone to Russia to witness the action first hand. This is the season of passionate football lovers, people are making plenty of efforts just to cheer their favourite team.But another reason to watch FIFA is the gorgeous faces that we get to see around. And in case you missed any, we are here with the list of gorgeous faces from the FIFA world cup 2018 and this is surely going to make you thank the photographer who captured these gorgeous faces.


While Poland did find the proceedings quite difficult in the ongoing soccer World Cup but there is nothing much to complain about their fandom, their fans did keep the spirits up right throughout.

South Korea

South Korea certainly punched above their weight and surprised everyone with their flair and grit, but we have to admit they have got some strong support as well, a pretty one too.


While they held Argentina to a draw they were quite clinical in their game against Nigeria but had a heartbreaking game against Croatia, while the action was quite dramatic on field they sure had strong off field support too.

The Denmark vs France game

While the teams settled for a draw despite a hard fought battle we must admit there was a lot of action on the other side too when the fans turned out in huge numbers to support their team.

England supporter

England have played really well this world cup we have to admit this under the leadership of Harry Kane they look completely different side and so their supporters too are all charged up.

She seems to be an avid fan

Germany were one of the pre tournament favourites to lift the trophy but some plans go awry but this fan is oblivious of this fact and she continues to support her team with all heart.

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All attention to her

We are not sure when you have such beauties gracing the stadium for a match where exactly would everyone concentrate and look at this lady sure seems a slayer.

Host nation has support

Russia the host nation were expected to just turn up and fill in the sheets but the guts and gumption the team has displayed over the course of the tournament until now it is far credible and very rightly they have fans who have turned up in large numbers.

2006 champs have their fans too

Not counting the fact that Italy could not make it to this World Cup which is a sad story in itself as you expect a proud soccer playing nation to be there at such prestigious events, their fabs seem to have filled the void here.

Columbian Beauty

This fan from Columbia seems to be ruling the roost everywhere with her perfect facial features and skin colour she has captured the attention of the entire world, how we wish Columbia made it all way to the finals.