10 Interesting Photos That Rocked the Internet, and Now You’ll Know Why

  • 3:41 pm July 19, 2018
  • vignesh

When it comes to clicking pictures it is all about having that perfect timing right? Since if you have the gift of timing you would be able to click the best of pictures always. These well timed pictures often leave us thinking if not then what would have happened we are left for answers aren’t we. Right from awesome to absurd, from brilliant to bizarre the pictures which we click at the right time can help us get gamut of emotions from a single picture. You would constantly question whether this really happened or was there something you missed. We at Genmice have tried you to bring a list of such perfectly timed pictures.

The epic escape

This looks like some action hero film. The people on the bike who are captured in the camera are running away from the wave. The heroic evidence might make an interesting picture for us and a memory for them.

I hope they actually made it out of it!

The huge wave gave away a good task!

The Lovers

You literally do lose your minds when you fall in love. This couple defying the phrase, "Two bodies, one soul"

Instead they came up with, "One body, two heads." We don't know about souls though!

Look how wonderfully well they blend into each other. This is true love!

That swag!

Lucky dog! He gets to sit in the middle of all the hot girls and some humans can't even get to talk to girls in general! This is where we start realizing about our worth!

That doggo is surely enjoying the company, with all the beauties around him!

Poor lady!

That bird is quite smart and sporting when it comes to hunger! We've only heard stories about the crow being smart putting pebbles into the pot but a new generation story awaits as this bird sets a new goal by snatching food from humans!

What sport is this?

How did the people get to capture this moment! animals are fun indeed! Imagine this happening randomly! The dog looks so very focused on running and the monkey looks quite determined about catching the goat. And the goat is only concerned about its life!

That seems unreal!

The man on the left is too buffy to be human! Is it photoshop? Or does this man really exist? Whatever the scenario is, it is indeed an awkward one. These are the side effects they have been warning us about!

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That's a huge snake!

That is a weirdly huge and long snake inside a house! Is that the pet of the house? Because that is just very uncomfortable to live with it! I wonder what it eats?

They have been bad!

This should be a punishment for all the men who made mistakes and have had a bad behavior towards women!

I am so excited to see this happen!

Women actually pick those men up effortlessly!

What's going wrong here?

Well, I think I guessed what was actually going wrong in the scene! The zebra had just caught its fellow species inside a car in a human form! The woman had no idea what she is in for! This picture made my day!

Because, priorities!

This might definitely be a Beiber or on direction concert. Because where there is no content there is room for time pass! This guy chose well what he actually wants to spend time doing! That is just perfect!