10 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes Made In World History

  • 1:36 pm August 11, 2018
  • vignesh

There are certain mistakes which continue to bite us for long even after time goes by, but there are certain mistakes which keep haunting us for a long time and they never seem to leave us even our subconscious. There are certain events in history which are exactly those as mentioned which completely changed the way we look at world events now.

Purulia Arms Drop Case

The Purulia arms drop case is the curious case of an incident which occurred on 17th December 1995 where unauthorised arms were dropped from an aircraft where dropped in Purulia district of West Bengal.

The chief conspirator believes that this was the result of the ruling government and RAW functionaries that time.

Who cares about £116 Million

While people do all sorts of things to try and hit the jackpot as dearly as possible this was a very rare incident where the man had won the lottery but sadly for him the ticket to which it was assigned was torn by his wife while cleaning the house mess.

Prithviraj Chauhan vs Muhammad Ghori

Its quite important to finish your enemy in the battlefield otherwise they might return back to hurt you later in a big way that's what exactly happened when Prithviraj Chauhan let Ghori live instead of dusting him right there in the first battle of Tarain, later Ghori returned to complete what Chauhan had left unfinished.

NASA's Climate Orbiter

NASA had designed a satellite named Mars Climate Orbiter. While designing they forgot the main basic to convert the measurement units from pounds to Newton and in the satellite they ended up getting destroyed in Martian atmosphere without providing any data.

Wayne's apple share sellout

When in 1976, Apple was well on its way to bankruptcy, Ronald Wayne of the founders sold of his 10$ shares for just $800, if you don't count that as a mistake we aren't sure what is it then.

The much maligned partition

The one event which left a pretty sour taste on everyone's minds was the much talked about partition between south asian countries India and Pakistan.

None of them were happy with the way it was done and none of them continue to be happy with what happened.

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Heathrow Terminal Opening

Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and it is always on top of its mark but on the day of its opening of Terminal 5, its automated system failed which led to a massive failure on its part.

When the Titanic sunk

Jack Phillips, the senior radio operator was the one who was mainly responsible for not passing a clear warning to the ship’s captain. And this was the main cause which led to the sinking of the unsinkable Titanic.

The Morris Worm

While he was studying at Cornell University, Robert Morris wrote a web worm that caused havoc in the cyber world. The worm had the potential to cause data and information breach so it had to be taken down early. They spent millions of dollars just to deal with the worm.

Bitcoin worth millions dumped

The cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was introduced back in 2009, an Britisher named James Howell collected approximately 7500 of the currency. And by the time value of Bitcoin reached its peak in 2013, James had unfortunately dumped the hard drive where the Bitcoins were stored.