10 Paintings So Unreal Which Will Take You To A Different World

  • 5:28 pm June 30, 2018
  • vignesh

Robert Gonsalves the Canadian artist who is a champion of optical illusions. He merges two paintings into one in a surreal way. By combining his two different stories into one painting our brain is forced to remove the border between the two arts and we are forced to be on our toes to switch from one to another.

The earth inside out!

What is this place that the painter imagined? This looks peaceful and dreamy. Imagine if there were two worlds that exist upside down and watching this view might just cheer you up!

It is not just the painter's imagination that made this painting so beautiful but his skill that made every color blend in so well to make the atmosphere look like what he hoped for!

A girl in the dark with her lantern emerging from the waters...

This is beautiful yet scary...Think if this was a real girl emerging out of the water like that. Honestly, I would have passed out. But this painting says untold stories and depicts how the girl is hiding from everyone and travels in the shadows and reflections to be safe...

A puzzle world!

This looks like the puzzle of life that we have to play! We have no options on how to escape but we have the pieces left and we only need to find the right one to fix the problems of life, together...

A bridge Of people

This bridge of people depicts that the public has the strength to fight every hardship easily if only they stand together. The ones who actually built the bridge together are the strong pillars that won't fall!

Kites and Ships...

These who things ride on two totally different things. Both of them are important for a living and the diversity of both doesn't really eliminate the chance of their blending together like one piece.

Building skyscraper from the help of the tree

This is a reality! Every city is made by cutting the trees and in this picture where the tree is used as a help to climb up of it to build a tower. This is what humans did to the forest. We took everything from it and gave nothing back!

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Ariel view in the bedroom

Kids imagination is vast and they are the most creative minds on the planet. This picture depicts the dreams of the children to fly high while they are stuck in the world where they have to act according to the society instead.

A people fall!

This is so beautiful, flowy and it looks like liquid pouring down the mountains but actually, they are people wearing robes to disguise as waterfall!

Illusion of tree and street

The street and the trees compliment each other so well. It maintains a perfect balance between the city and nature. It feels like you are quite close to nature and in this way we can get back to where we started ruining the forests and trees which will reduce global warming.

The ship space in the bridge!

This picture has every mind in question as of what exactly is happening to the painting? Is it a ship or are those spaces between the pillars of the bridge? The clouds make so much of difference in the picture by blending in with the scene so perfectly!