10 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

  • 12:32 pm July 19, 2018
  • vignesh

It is absolutely true that people all across the world are one and the same. No matter what the boundaries the intrinsic human behaviour remains just the same.As we say and know the world we live in is really unpredictable and people can surprise us all the time. There are many weird things which go on in a human, so here are such examples of people who had some strange developments.

Woman on an escalator

While it is common knowledge that not many of the people out there are comfortable with taking the escalator and same seems to be the case with this woman here, but she didn't just take it nice and simple, she used the wheelchair to get on board and then had the most unfortunate fall.

Do you arrive like this

She surely must have thought something before she arrived at the decision of walking into a match this way since for various reasons she isn't looking pretty in this attire or her hairdo is really having a bad day.

What was the thought behind this

There are better dresses one can choose to wear while traveling this surely isn't one of them, we mean who wears such superficial costume while traveling on a train or for that matter anywhere we simply don't approve this.

Resting on a McDonald sign

We have seen many people resting at different places and many of them even being unconventional but this one is surely up there right there and quite literally we don't know why he chooses to relax there, he surely must have had his own reasons.

What a thought

We have seen computers do strange things with its processing capability and the ability to adapt to complex problems but never have we ever seen computer been asked to do the task of walking along someone, jokes aside who would do such a thing with the computer.

Wow, bravado

Quite understandable that you visit a zoo or go on a wild life sojourn to capture the beast at its best but to relax in this manner on a tiger and being surrounded by tigers on all ends but still have a comfortable sleep we must commend this man.

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Sitting on seats is too passé

It is expected that when you go watch a movie in a theatre you would occupy the seat which is assigned to you and this isn't rocket science right, but here someone isn't entirely happy with the seat allowed, they would rather prefer seating down and not even watch the movie, wow.

We never knew this

We have seen stranger things in life but this has to surely be one amongst the very best, a girl getting her teeth dried with the help of a blow dryer why on earth would she even attempt to do that.

Cheese lover

Though it may sound we are judging her over her food habits but who does things like this, like consuming an entire block of cheese with full vigour you go girl.

This guy is awesome

While we have seen stranger people with more weird dresses this guy seems completely in control of what he is up to covered in a sheet rocking it in a bus.